WHAT IS AN AU-PAIR IN UK (further countries available on Wikipedia )

Au Pairs are young people aged 17 to 27, who come to the U K to learn english and to live as part of an English family. Au Pairs are primarily live-in jobs, they do not need to have childcare experience or qualifications and should not be expected to look after babies for extended periods of time.

An Au Pair should be unmarried and have no dependants. They must show they are not planning to stay in the UK more than two years and that they are planning to leave the UK once they have completed their stay as an Au Pair.

They can move to a new Host Family providing their new arrangements do not contradict immigration rules. Au Pairs who stay in the country more than 6 months will be required to register with the local police

An Au Pair will be expected to do a mixture of childcare and light housework, working for up to five hours a day, in exchange for this, they get their board and lodging and pocket money of roughly 55 to 90 per week. 'Au pairs plus' work for 35 hours per week, and earn correspondingly more. The Au Pair may also be asked to babysit 2 nights per week, including one weekend night. The Au Pair must have two days a week completely free from their duties. If additional work is expected during school holidays, the family should state this at the time of making the arrangement and should provided extra money for this.

The Au Pair should be allowed sufficient time to study and pursue other interest, so will not, for example, be expected to babysit every Saturday night. An Au Pair must have his / her own room.

Au Pairs will be expected to pay their own return fare from their home country. Host Families should arrange to pick their Au Pair up at the airport or station.

An au pair must be a national of one of the following countries:

Andorra, Faroe Islands, Monaco, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greenland, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Latvia, San Marino, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Slovenia, Estonia, Malta, Turkey.

Although European Economic Area nationals are not included in the au pair scheme, they are free to come to the UK to take au pair placements.

If you are a national of a European Economic Area, you will be covered by European Social Security Regulations. If you are a EEA national who is normally resident in the UK and are going to work in another EEA as an au pair for up to 12 months, you are entitled to Form E111. You should send this form to the Contributions Office, International Services, Benton Park View, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE98 1ZZ (08459 154811), to be stamped and activated, this can take a long time, so writte off as early as possible.

If you are required to register with the police, your passport will be stamped with this requirement on your arrival. You MUST register within seven days of arriving in the UK. To register you will need your passport and two passport-size photographs of yourself. You will have to pay a fee(34) for registering with the police.

Required Au Pair Documents:

3 letters of recomendation (from people that have known you for at least two years. They may be a school teacher, previous employer, etc., but not a family member).


1 photograph

A 'Dear Family' letter describing yourself, talking about your family, hoobies, expectations, childcare experience, and also explaining why would you like to come to work to England as an au-pair.

Medical Report.

Application Form